Private label

Your business has its own unique identity, from your signature services to the special relationships you've created with your clients. Now it's time for you to build your most precious asset-your good name-by creating your own prestige brand.

When you sell name brand lines, you build everyone's business but your own, at prices that don't allow you to grow your company to its full potential. Over-exposed professional brands make you vulnerable-it's easy to lose sales to competitors offering the same products, sometimes at lower prices. When you sell your own brand, exclusivity and customer loyalty are ensured.

Débé for many years has been the European specialist in supplying private label insoles, shoe care and shoe accessory products. Our professionalism and one stop shop approach have made us the key supplier to over 50 private label brands worldwide.

Whether you are looking for products shipped in bulk or packaged, we offer different possibilities and services. From designing the insert to sourcing the packaging, we can handle the products so that they arrive fully labeled, ready to place on the shelf, no additional handling.

Most private label companies require substantial orders to provide this level of customization. We make it available to you with very reasonable minimums. Even if you are just starting out, your own brand is easily within reach.

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