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Art 42

Keep your feet cool and fresh the green way. The Greensole is made of a natural products: 100% pure cotton top, a middle section containing moss and a latex underside. The cotton top absorbs moisture excellently, the moss keeps the feet fresh and the latex acts as shock absorber.
1rst layer : Felt 100% polyester in grey colour with a weight of 250 gr/m2.
2nd Layer: Polyethylene foam 40 Kg/m3 and 4mm of thickness and 160 gr/m2.
3rd layer: Film made of PETP foil coated, total weight of 96 gr/m2 The film is coated with 25 gr/m2 of water based acrylic resin.
The 3 elements are linked together using the “flamkaschierungs” technique.Total thickness: 5mm.