Art 15Z

Enjoy wearing your shoes barefooted while neutralising unpleasant odours the natural way. The top layer is made of special bioactive polyester with silver ions. The textile is highly absorbing while the silver ions kill the bacteria, avoiding unpleasant odours and keeping your feet fresh and healthy. The middle layer is made of shock absorbing latex with active carbon. The bottom layer is especially treated with anti-slip to avoid the insole from curling up. This insole is especially developed for people with diabetics or sensitive feet where contact with chemicals should be avoided.
silver ions: Composition: 80% polyester multifilament with silver ions and 20% polyester. Weight: 200gr/m².
2nd layer: Acetate gel foam (synthetic and natural latex) with active charcoal. Weight: 800gr/ m².
3rd layer: Anti-slip layer. 2nd printing resin with three-dimensional properties to gel puffy paint effect.