For more than 60 years débé has been within the insole industry. Not only can we rely on this historic knowledge, most of the workers have been with us for more than 15 years. Each worker has his or her specialty, but due to the rotational system within the work shop, everybody is aware of the different steps in the production process, creating a high level of involvement and pride.

Quality control

This longtime experience is important in order to supply a constant quality. Incoming as well as outgoing goods are checked during multiple phases of the production process in order to secure that the delivered quality is the one that was agreed upon with the customer.

Raw material

All material is chosen with care and with respect to the customers wishes. Where possible we try to use vegetal tanned leather, natural latex and other natural products.

Ethical entrepreneurship

Débé strives for a positive impact on the environment, the consumers, our co-workers, the community and all members of society. Débé brings into the market products that meet the real needs of our clients; we assume our responsibilities towards the company and the environment, we achieve economical success and we offer our employees a safe and healthy work environment as well as numerous opportunities for personal development.

Ecological production

Recycling, the use of water based glues, the use of natural products and the reduction of transport are only a few points of the ecological awareness that lives in our company. Using constant innovation, we try to keep one step ahead of competition when it comes to ecological production and launching ecological products.