The luxuourious feeling of naturally tanned leather. 


The débé dry products will keep your feet comfortable and dry whether worn with or without socks on the hottest days at work or at play.


Stop bad odors and make an end to smelly feet. Now you can take of your shoes again at home and even with strangers


Winter can sometimes catch you by surprise. Throw on a warm coat, a scarf or a hat is the first reaction. But do not forget about your feet. The débé insoles, ensure a warm and cosy feeling even when temperatures are making you want to stay indoors.


Are you suffering from flat feet, heel spur, splayfoot or are you just looking to increase the comfort in your shoe and relieve the stress of your feet while walking, look no further. The débé ortho range is developed together with orthopedic technicians in order to supply the best anatomically correct support.


Whether you run, play tennis or snooker, the débé sport products have been developed to cushion shocks and support your feet. They protect your feet from overstraining and keep them healthy, rested and fresh.

Heavy duty

If your job requires long time standing and/or walking, your feet have a lot to endure. The débé heavy duty range offers insoles with high comfort and extra features. Whether you are looking for an anti-static, a conductive insole or one with antibacterial properties, the heavy duty range is specially made for safety and working shoes.


Give your childerns\' feet the same treatment as their teeth. 

Ladies First

Have fun wearing your favorit high heels. No need for that extra pair of ballerinas in your purse. Dance with your shoes on.